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open quoteI have the distinct pleasure of working next to these three phenomenal coaches with the development and implementation of the California POST Physical Instructor class, as well as the development of the POST Basic Academy Learning Domain on Physical Fitness. These coaches know how to use their knowledge to address specific law enforcement needs. If you need to know tools on how to prevent/avoid injuries from the job, John, Robb, and Roozy have them. If you want to get better at your performing your job, they have the knowledge, and will share their knowledge so that you can share it with your teammates. 

These coaches combined are a force to be reckoned. Their clients and students run the range from Military Spec Ops, Law Enforcement SWAT, and Professional Athletes, to basic fire and police recruits, and college students. Everyone has been impacted positively by their training methods and teaching abilities. I highly recommend these coaches for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge in physical fitness and training.

-- Cpl. Pete Diaz
California POST Master Instructor/Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center Lead Physical Fitness Instructor

open quote911 Tactical Performance have a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to physically training law enforcement officers.  Their California POST Course includes detailed examples on not only exercises to benefit officers but coaching point to look for when training Cadets at your Academy.  They review, in great detail, how to develop a training program to not only strengthen the Cadet but to also reduce the risk of injury.  Their focus on strength and stability reduces the injury factor at the Cadet level.  – Rick Santos (Law Enforcement Physical Training and Self Defense Instructor)

John and his staff at 911 Tactical Performance have been a great resource when it comes to coaching my teams.  As a youth sports coach I have received tips from John and his staff on how to properly condition my kids to ensure strength and stability in their young bodies.  With their help I have been able to get my player ready to compete at the next level of competition.  My athletes have become quicker, faster and stronger than the others. 

-- Rick Santos
Youth Sports Coach

open quoteI have been a physical training instructor at a large police/sheriff’s academy in Southern California since 1998. I have been the lead physical training instructor for the past 6 years. We have always considered our physical training program to be one of the best in the nation. When the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) implemented the new Physical Training Instructors Course, I along with all of my p.t. instructors attended. This course was taught by the 911 Tactical Performance Team.

After attending the P.T. Instructors course taught by the 911 Tactical Performance Team, we took our physical training program to a new level based on the principles, techniques, and exercises taught by these professionals. Our Recruit injury rate also diminished. We feel that the principles we now teach to the recruits, learned from the 911 Tactical Performance Team, has also furthered our goal of ingraining the importance of ‘lifetime fitness’ in the minds and lives of our recruits as toward the end of our p.t. program they are designing their own work-outs based on these principles.

Finally, the expertise, education, and wealth of wisdom of each of the 911 Tactical Performance Instructors allows them to tailor their instruction based on your specific needs and your facility. If you have a facility with weights, they will teach you how to instruct their proper and safe use. If you don’t have weights or implements, they will teach you how to make the same gains via body weight exercises, circuits, and natural objects found at your training location (rocks, picnic tables etc.). If you are considering utilizing 911 Tactical Performance, pull the trigger. I can speak from experience that you will not be disappointed and your program will exponentially benefit from their instruction.

-- Sergeant Tim Elwell  M.S., C.P.T.  
Lead P.T. Instructor  
5X Ironman Finisher
23 year veteran of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

open quoteMy name is Jason Mims, I am the Health and Safety Officer for the Milwaukee Fire Department.  One of my roles is the director of our department Health and Wellness Program, which began in 2010.  Currently we offer firefighter physicals in accordance with NFPA 1582, a fitness program that is driven by certified Peer Fitness Trainers and a CISM/Behavioral Health Program driven by trained Peer Support Team Members. Most recently we have developed a firefighter injury rehab program.

I met John Hofman in 2012. I had the vision and resources for where we wanted to go within our fitness program. John provided the much needed map.  This enabled us to avoid many unnecessary detours. When working with labor unions and city and department administrations, the more detours you can avoid the greater chance your program will have to succeed.

Everything started with a couple of wonderful conversations about what we were doing and where we were trying to go.  I remember John telling me: “Jason, you’re doing a lot of great things, but what’s the purpose, how does this improve the wellness and performance of firefighters?”  I was forced to take a step back and evaluate the focus of our program.  This would drive how we would train and use our PFTs, and in turn, how we would train and educate our members on health and fitness for their careers and lives.  This cannot be overstated, because it’s easy to have a program that offers services, it’s another to have a program that meets the needs of its audience.

Next, John introduced us to firefighter fitness online, which filled a major gap within our program.  John is a plethora of information. Firefighter fitness online makes his brain, and other firefighter fitness professionals, accessible 24/7.   I believe a library of quality, firefighter specific, health and fitness information is the missing link for a lot of department fitness programs.  We train our PFTs every month, and we offer classes to our members as well, but developing articles and hunting down research to explain why we do what we do, was becoming daunting at best. This site has articles on every firefighter fitness discipline needed, nutrition, training plans, research, etc...  Whenever a question came up about the methodology behind anaerobic training or what we need to know about HIIT or training injured firefighters, it’s there.  I have a subscription, as do all of my PFTs, so that we can have a solid resource to use to educate our members. This resource has saved us a great deal of time and is a tool that we use to validate our program. 

John has been a great mentor to me.  John and I are both civilians who are very passionate about caring for the members we serve.  John has the academic (MS, CSCS) background to run professional athletic teams, yet he has put in the time to understand the fire service culture. His expertise is reflected in his programs: simple, firefighter specific, practical, and effective.  Every time we meet this is what he teaches, no matter the topic. 

Lastly, John is not a typical vendor.  911 Tactical Performance, LLC and every product that has developed from it, whether it is the fitness platform, health and wellness books, etc, are products designed to meet the needs of firefighters.  If they don’t work for a specific department, John will work to make it fit.    Whether it is sending a powerpoint on nutrition at a moment’s notice or traveling to Milwaukee to help train my PFTs, his commitment and availability to the customer is unparalleled. In the end, if it is not helping change the lives of members then what is the point? John is an open book and whatever we need he makes it happen just like in the fire service.  This is why I admire him so much and consider him a friend.

-- Jason Mims
Health and Safety Officer
Milwaukee Fire Department


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