The 911 Approach & Philosophy

The leading cause of death in the fire service is heart disease. The leading cause of death in the fire service is heart disease. The only way to combat it is through health and wellness.

The 911 Tactical Performance Method

Our philosophy is not about just about making you stronger or faster. It is about providing strategies and resources that will help reverse the negative side effects of a 30 year career. Our goal is to help you become more athletic and reduce the chance of injury while on the job, but more importantly to ensure that those serving our communities are able to operate at their highest level of performance, have the ability to retire healthy and enjoy their retirement pain free.

The 911 Tactical Performance methods combine a specific approach of tactical strength, speed, agility, mobility, and flexibility along with proper nutrition and recovery strategies. By incorporating The 911 Tactical Performance method into your lifestyle, it will allow you, the tactical athlete, the ability to perform essential tasks at a high level, while at the same time decreasing the potential for injury and eliminating everyday aches and pains.

Tactical Performance Training

Our role as Tactical facilitators is to reduce the incidence of injury and to enhance performance. We do not want to build specific fitness on top of poor general fitness; this is a recipe for disaster. The 911 approach is too incorporate scientific principles combined with hands on experience to utilize all the different physical demands placed on the first responder.

  • Strength and Power
  • Speed and Agility
  • Endurance
  • Mobility and Stability
  • Recovery

Tactical Nutrition

We apply a realistic approach to nutrition. We do not worry about which “diet” is the best but rather which one works best for you. All good nutritional plans include the following:

  • Hormonal Optimization
  • Energy balance
  • Nutrient density
  • Achieves optimal health, body composition, and performance goals
  • Honest, realistic, and outcome based
  • Sustainable

Injury Prevention

The #1 risk factor of injuries is previous injuries. Yet often times poor movement patterns are also associated with injuries. Movement is defined as the “functioning body as it changes position under its own power.” The goal of any solid injury prevention program is to identify the weak link or asymmetry and develop it under proper load, speed, coordination, and skill. We focus on specific injury prevention strategies which include:

  • Activation
  • Movement Screening
  • Warm up
  • Post rehabilitation strategies
  • Trigger Point
  • Breathing

Program Design

Most training programs that are designed for first responders are often ridiculed with problems and unrealistic. Some movements are performed to frequently, with too much intensity, to infrequent or not enough intensity. Our focus is to streamline and organize training programs for the tactical athlete that helps achieve optimal performance in a realistic manner.

  • Shift schedule
  • Time commitment
  • Previous health history
  • Training Phase: (ie. General Prep, Specific Prep, Specific Development)

Health Screenings

We believe that physical fitness and nutrition show us only half the picture. To ensure our first responders retire healthy it is vital that they include an annual physical with their own health care provider.

  • Inflammatory markers
  • Blood Screenings (ie. cholesterol, CBC, Chem 20)
  • Nutrients and Hormonal Balance
  • Cancer Strategies

Health Strategies

In addition those listed above other variables will affect the overall health of the first responder which includes some of the following:

  • Sleep Strategies
  • Behavioral Strategies

Our teams of experts are considered the best and have trained over 1000 police and fire personnel. All experts are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) as well as hold advanced degrees in exercise science related field. We take great pride in training First Responders and continually seek out the best methods to incorporate into The 911 Tactical Performance model help those who serve our communities every day.


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