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Exercises I can't stand (pt2).......Wall Ball Squats

Our last update I discussed an exercise I can't stand for first responders: Box Jumps, and I am going to continue with our next exercise that I can't stand.....WALL BALL SQUATS.
You must be thinking I am crazy because so many workouts today have this specific exercise built into their program. It is not uncommon to see this exercise being performed in most boot camp classes or other high intensity workouts. Don't get me wrong throwing a ball overhead is difficult and will increase your heart rate, but there is the correct way of doing it and the wrong way. For the most part when I observe people doing this exercise I notice many people are doing them incorrectly, now compound that with high repetition or volume and it is a formula for disaster.


Exercises I can't stand (pt1).......Box Jumps

In our industry so many people jump on the bang wagon because they see something that may be cool or new. Many times inexperienced coach’s look at certain exercises as great because they are difficult without putting any thought into how it will affect their clients. This article will be broken up into 4 parts and focus on the exercises I can’t stand and my reasoning behind them.

As a coach who works specifically with First Responders I always ask  “risk vs reward”. Then I have to ask “How will this benefit them without hurting them?” Because I work with over 1500 firefighters I have to find exercises that will not only enhance performance, but also reduce injury and it has to be both difficult but simple to perform without me being present. This is actually a skill and has taken me years to develop.

So lets get right into it: The first exercise is.......


Health and Wellness Program Mistakes

Starting a health and wellness program tends to be a challenging task, but if set up correctly it will have huge benefits in the long run. Many Chiefs, Captains, and Safety officers have enough on their plate without having to worry about implementing a health and wellness program. Still with the increase costs in our health care system having a health and wellness program is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. So where do you start?


Does a Health & Wellness Program Save Money?

A few years ago I was asked to break down our worker compensation numbers and justify not only my position but also to discover is our program actually worked. During that time we discovered the following:We looked at the 5 years prior to my arrival and then my first 5 years, here is what we discovered:



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